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The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representative,Lasun Yusuf says devolution of powers at the centre is the answer to the calls for restructuring in Nigeria.

ROLL VTR:Yusuf who was answering questions posed to him by newsmen on national issues in his country home, Ilobu,Osun state maintained that develotion of powers is the restructuring that Nigerians are yearning for.

He bemoaned too much concentration of power at the centre as the bane of socio-economic and political development of Nigeria.

The Deputy Speaker said the House of Representatives has taken significant steps towards amending the clause in respect of devolution of powers in the constitution.

He disclosed that majority of members of the House of Representatives voted in favour of devolution of powers but could not be passed because it secured 220 votes which is simple majority instead of the required two-third majority of 240 votes.

Yusuf said the outcome of the step taken by the house of representatives deserves the attention of the public who should pravail on their representatives to see the need to support devolution of powers.

He however promised that the clause will still be revisited by the national assembly to ensure that devolution of powers is passed.

TRACK UP( Lasun Yusuf (Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives)


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