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        It is no secret any more that contraceptives are a revelation. They have given women power over their bodies and sexuality, reduced the rate of birth and maternal and child mortality. Pills have been touted as the next best thing after sliced bread and prescribed for not just birth control, but for hormonal imbalance and irregular periods.

      Like every drug, birth control pills have their dark side. Even though new combinations are formulated every year and millions go into research on making birth control methods safe, there are still various side effects that affect women who use them. Bloating, mood swings, blood clots, and other complications are rife among the women that use them, and even an increased propensity to develop breast cancer.

      There are other, more natural methods of birth control, but those are less reliable and so more and more women are turned to the pill.
       The most prevalent side effect is that it causes clotting in women, leading to an increased risk of stroke and heart attacks. This major health issue needs to be addressed.
        In addition to that, some forms of pills have been connected to an increase in breast cancer in younger women, and are associated with psychological changes in mood and mental well-being. Depression and anxiety are most commonly reported.

        Synthetic hormones like the ones contained in birth control pills have been proven not to be safe even though doctors prescribe them. This is why the notorious morning after pill postinor, commonly abused by young women should be discouraged. Birth control pills should not be used indiscriminately or carelessly without a prescription; the dangers are too many.
        If you are on the pill and you are feeling headaches, palpitations, increased blood pressure, and changes in mood and bloating, you need to see your doctor about other birth control options.
         Safe sex is imperative, but it should be healthy too. Birth control should not be at the expense of your physical or mental health. STAY SAFE.s


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  1. Is birth control pill not your idea of contraception and yet family planning is crucial. Avoid the contraceptive pill by using these natural ways to avoid pregnancy.

    1. Family planning actually involves the use of birth control pills such as contraceptives e.g postinor 2.
      But from the post title, you can deduce that we are not advocates of birth control pills hence the highlighted side effects in the post.
      Methods such as the use of IUDs, cervical caps and the rhythmic or calendar method which is a natural method of birth control encouraged for married couples as these methods have no medical complications.
      Hope the air on the post has been cleared.
      Thanks for your comment, it's appreciated.


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